CircuitPython on Snekboard

You can download CircuitPython firmware for Snekboard from

To install, press the blue reset button twice within about a second. This should cause the blue LED to flash quickly and then pulse slowly once it is connected to your laptop. It should appear as a new device. Copy the firmware file to this device. Once installed, Snekboard will restart running CircuitPython. You can use the Mu editor to write code and talk to the device.

Pin Names

CircuitPython for Snekboard has custom names for the GPIO pins which are related to what they're connected to on the board:

Pin Names GPIO Pin Pin Use
A1, RX PB08 Regular I/O or serial receive
A2, TX PB09 Regular I/O or serial transmit
A3 PA06 Regular I/O
A4 PA07 Regular I/O
A5, SCL PA08 Regular I/O or I²C clock
A6, SDA PA09 Regular I/O or I²C data
A7 PA10 Regular I/O
A8 PA11 Regular I/O
POWER1 PA12 M1 motor PWM
DIR1 PA16 M1 motor direction
POWER2 PA13 M2 motor PWM
DIR2 PA17 M2 motor direction
POWER3 PA18 M3 motor PWM
DIR3 PA20 M3 motor direction
POWER4 PA19 M4 motor PWM
DIR4 PA21 M4 motor direction
NEOPIXEL PB11 Neopixels