Mu Editor

The Mu Editor is a simple editor and interaction window for Python languages, including Snek and CircuitPython. We recommend using it with Snek as it provides an integrated environment for exploring the language and connected Snek hardware.

For now, Snek support is not upstream, so you'll need to download a Snek-compatible version of Mu from here

Mu packages are available in the dist directory here

Mu is written in Python, so getting it installed means getting Python installed, along with a few other OS-specific pieces and then a pile of Python code, which is mostly OS independent. There are a couple of options available.

Installing the '.whl' file

If you already have a working Python3 installation and just want to add mu to it, you can download the latest .whl file and run

pip install *.whl

Installing for Windows

If you want an all-in-one package with a built-in installer, you can download the windows installer exe file suitable for your machine.

Installing for Debian

I've also built mu with snek support for Debian systems (and derivatives). It should run on either Unstable or Stable (version 10, aka “Buster”). Mu can be installed from my personal package archive. Instructions on how to set that up for your machine are available in the README in that directory. That archive also includes the Snek packages for Stable.