Snekboard is a custom board designed to run Snek with Lego Power Functions motors, servos and switches.

You can order Snekboard from Crowd Supply. The campaign for Snekboard runs through March 1, 2020


There's a manual for snekboard available here:


Snekboard is 48mm x 48mm, which is the same as six lego studs, so you can build a Lego box and slip snekboard right inside.

Power Supply

Snekboard uses a single cell lithium polymer battery for mobile operations and can also be powered over USB. It includes a battery charger circuit that operates whenever the board is plugged in.

Because Lego Power Function motors are designed to operate from a 9V supply, snekboard includes a 4.5A 9V power supply, allowing it to operate from a simple single lipo cell instead of requiring multiple cells.

Motor Controllers

Snekboard includes four 2.5A DC motor controlers which can drive motors and servos. They connect to Power Functions motors using a Micro MaTch crimp-on connector that attaches to Power Function cables.

I/O Pins

Snekboard has 8 general purpose 3.3V I/O pins. Each is matched with a ground and 3.3V power pin to allow them to be connected to sensors or 3.3V low-current devices. All eight pins can be used in analog or digital mode.


There are two Adafruit NeoPixels devices on the board.


Snekboard can also run CircuitPython, for more advanced progamming adventures. Find out more on the CircuitPython for Snekboard page.

Design Files

Snekboard is released under the TAPR Open Hardware License, a share-alike license designed for hardware.